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Feeling stuck, frustrated for whatever reason?  I hear you! I survived a major life crises, a nervous breakdown that cost me my career and I am a PTSD survivor.  All this to become a Warrior of Light to help others connect with their angels and begin creating lives full of Meaning, Significance, Love, Joy and Success. 

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If you knew the angels who walk beside you, who hover all about you, creating the life of your dreams would be so much easier!  Read my story and learn how to invite your guardian angels into your life.

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April 27, 2020


About jmmlove

The moniker "jmmlove" explained:

"j" stands for Joseph

"mm" stands for Mary Magdalene

"love" represents Mary Magdalene's message that "only Love is real."

They Say

Milena Morrow


"Joseph, thanks to you and Maggie (Mary Magdalene) for the wisdom and insight you are imparting to the world."



"I love your words, Joseph.  They bring a freshness to my life."

Giovanna Coppola


"Thank you Joseph for the reminder that we need to act from the heart..."

Dean Moorhead


"Thank you, Joseph, for helping people understand their purpose in life and how to open up to the ever-present guiding angels around us."

Rosemarie Castellazo


"I can honestly say I have never encountered such a beautiful soul as Joseph."

Sally Joy


"There is so much soulful wisdom and Joseph speaks with great passion and sincerity.  I wish Oprah could listen to his interview and then interview Joseph."

Get Unstuck.  Start Creating the Life of Your Dreams.   Learn How to Develop a Simple Plan, Quickly Act on Your Ideas and Constantly Evaluate and Course-Correct So You Reach Your Goals. 

Isn't it time to change course and begin creating a life full of Meaning, Significance, Love, Joy and Success?  Life is short.  Don't die with your music still in you.  The Soul of the World needs you.  Download my free guide to learn the 7 secrets to take inspired action to change your present circumstances.