Meet Joseph aka jmmlove

  jmmlove is just a humble messenger hoping to help and inspire others on their life journeys. He is a modern-day Irish/American mystic and troubadour, writer and poet with an inspirational story of his healing from trauma and ptsd through the grace of his guardian angels Mary Magdalene and Mary of Galilee (lovingly referred to as “M & M”).
  His healing journey began when he was 7 years old and took on a rapid acceleration in the 1990s with physical visitations from M & M. 
  Then, on an early December morning in 2012 Mary Magdalene began transmitting her spiritual quatrain poetry through jmmlove and today (2020) they have thousands of her poems available to help people create lives full of meaning, significance, love, joy and success.  
  “jmmlove” is a moniker for either Joseph/Mary Magdalene or Joseph/Mary Magdalene and Mary of Galilee and”love” representing their message that, “only Love is real.”
Joseph has taught and spoken to hundreds of individuals and groups over the past 40 years. Mary Magdalene has asked him to begin sharing her message with the world.



A message to you from Joseph
in his own words...

  I hear you.  I've been there...finding it hard to fall asleep at night...then waking up in the morning, dreading another day...

  There's a good reason why you're here reading this now.  Something tells me you're just plain tired living someone else's dream.  That time is passing you by faster and faster each year, each decade and before you know it your life will be over and you'll be full of regrets.  

  But you know, it doesn't have to be this way.   You're creative, loving, passionate and want a life full of meaning, significance and jo

But maybe you..

*** Just can't get motivated to start following your bliss.

***  Need help, someone to hold your hand and help you find your North Star.

***  Feel isolated, wishing more people could feel your desperation and relate to your situation (your friends are supportive but still just don't really understand you and your situation.

You just want your Life to have a bigger impact.

You want to use your creativity toward something meaningful.  

You're READY to start taking positive action. 

But you don't know how to begin.  You feel stuck...and feel your situation is hopeless. 

Trust me, my friend.  Like I said earlier, I've been there... 

Now around all this seeming hopelessness and despair I have some core beliefs...

***I believe you have a Beautiful, Delicious Dream you’ve kept hidden in the back of your mind for far too long. I’m here to help you bring it to life in an unstoppable way.

***I believe you have the innate intelligence within you to create a Life that provides you a respectable living, brings you meaning and joy and a feeling of significance while changing peoples' lives.  Come with me.  I will show you how to do it.

***I believe you deserve joy, respect, and love with a Life full of meaning and significance. And I’m determined to give you the tools to help you create such a rewarding and fulfilling Life.

***And finally, I believe having someone in your corner who truly believes in you makes all the difference in the world (along with some good, organic espresso in all it delicious forms with some) and cure almost any off day.

  The point is this:  The clock is ticking and you have something important to do with your Life and the sooner you start the sooner you'll find your joy, your Purpose and help heal yourself and  others as well as the Soul of the World...and I'm here to help you do just that...

  Our emotions often sabotage our good intentions. Although it’s important to feel and acknowledge our feelings, it’s not in our best interests to allow them to stop us from creating a Life full of meaning, significance, Love, joy and success.  I have developed a simple and easy breathing technique to help you stop the self-sabotage and best of all, it’s free! My gift to you. 

Get my free proprietary breathing technique and begin living the life of your dreams.

More About My Journey and How It Can help 

I have been blessed to be the conveyor of Love Notes For Your Soul, the secular and spiritual poetry of Mary Magdalene that touches on the time-tested principles of success.  With these as my foundation I am dedicated to helping heart-centered individuals create Lives of meaning, significance and joy by helping them take baby steps in the direction of their dreams, doing what they can, from where they are, with what they have.  No smoke and mirrors  and out-of-this-world promises.  Just simple truths that honor you and the reason you were put on this planet.  

How did this become my life?

  Well, in short, in 1990 I had a nervous breakdown and walked away from my career and livelihood.  Depressed and not knowing what to do, I spent two years just working with the good earth on our organic 5 acre homestead.  

  Years later I experienced a healing, secular "visitation" from Mary of Galilee and Mary of Magdalena, during which I was healed of my childhood molestations. Over the ensuing years Mary Magdalene and I developed a close relationship and in the winter of 2012 she awakened me early one morning and began conveying 4-stanza poems (now known as Love Notes For Your Soul) through me.  She's been doing this almost every morning since as of this writing (2019).  

  During this time I established Life Success Martial Arts and taught individuals not just physical self-defense, but more importantly, the philosophy of non-violence, incorporating the success tenets I was receiving on a daily basis from Mary Magdalene, whom I affectionately now called "Maggie."  In 2013 Maggie asked me to begin publishing these Love Notes and to begin helping people, using them as the foundation of my work.

  In 2015 I closed Life Success Martial Arts to devote all my attention on publishing and helping heart-centered individuals begin creating Lives of meaning, significance and joy.

  You may read a much more detailed version of my Life in Loving Yourself Wealthy, Vols. 1 and 3.  These and most of my books can be obtained free of charge in digital format on Amazon.  

Love Notes For Your Soul rapidly became my joyful obsession.

  I admit it.  I am a Spirit Junkie.  I have spent thousands of dollars on books, audio programs, workshops and seminars.  But since Love Notes For Your Soul I have come to the realization and belief that "success" is not found in the smoke and mirrors, the pie-in-the-sky promises, the yelling and profanity, bullying and "success leaves clues" hoopla.  "Success" is found by listening to the rhythm of your heart.  It is there that your angels whisper to you.  I believe that by becoming aware of this and tuning into your heart and truly listening, many people can indeed come to "hear" and/or "see" the angels that hover all about them.   

  And now I AM on a mission...

  Now I want to help you become more aware of your angels and help you create a life full of meaning, significance, Love, joy and success on your terms...

 through free resources, leading by example and sharing Mary Magdalene’s spiritual wisdom free of religious dogma

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