Inviting Joseph to Speak

Thank you for your invitation.  Joseph Holmes (jmmlove) is honored that you have invited him to share himself with your audience with his personal spiritual stories involving his two principle guardian angels Mary of Galilee and Mary of Magdalena.   He will take your audience on an inspirational journey about how he has survived physical, emotional and sexual abuse, depression, PTSD from his war-time service, a nervous breakdown, doubts and fears and bankruptcy.  Learn how he became the conveyor of the quatrain, secular poetry of Mary Magdalene that inspires and guides himself and countless others throughout the world.  Jmmlove’s desire, through the spiritual poetry of Mary Magdalene, is to help as many people as possible begin the journey of listening to their angels and healing their wounds and begin leading lives full of meaning, significance and joy, contributing to a kinder, more peaceful world.  Please complete the form below and we will review your request ASAP.

Joseph Holmes @jmmlove

Thank you for your interest in my story of survival and transformation.  To this day each time I tell my story I and audience members get shivers up and down our spines.