Connecting with my angels, connecting with Love!

”Joseph is such a good writer .  His books show me the beauty of loving and give me a deeper insight into a deeper understanding of what love is all about. I know they will fascinate everyone interested in discovering more about LOVE.”

Ligaya Adolfo Ang, Phillipine Islands

Focus on what really matters

“Joseph helps you realize that you should stay connected to Source and have faith to follow your dreams...he teaches us to focus on what really matters.”

Pat Galeo-Bauer, USA

The ever present guiding angels

“Joseph teaches that we all have a purpose in life, but fear can prevent us from realizing our potential.  If we open up to the ever present angels around us and eliminate fear of the unknown we can success in manifesting our true potential.”

Dean Moorhead, USA


In the beginning of my writing career I published under the name, Joseph Holmes.  Check out all my Amazon bestselling books and read about my trials and tribulations, my spiritual awakening and how I first met my two principle angels, Mary of Galilee and Mary of Magdalena.   All my books are filled with Love Notes For Your Soul, the secular, spiritual poems of Mary Magdalene conveyed through me almost daily since December of 2012.   --jmmlove

Under jmmlove I am now writing and publishing beautiful ebooks in sets of series.  My first series is Angel Love, and the series is complete with 7 volumes and each volume is just $.99!


The second series of ebooks is More Angel Love and again this series has 7 volumes and each volume is only $.99!--jmmlove

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