June 5


How Do I Find Time For Myself? An Essential Time Management Quote From Guardian Angel Mary Magdalene That Can Help You “Manage” Time

By jmmlove

June 5, 2020

How To Manage Time:  How Do I Find Time For Myself? 

In the first paragraph of the first chapter of his remarkable book, Aleph, the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho writes about adults not having time to dream.

If you’re so busy that you have no time for yourself, no time to dream, no time to create the Life of your dreams, then you are eventually going to feel trapped.  My guardian angel Mary Magdalene addressed this issue one morning when she conveyed the following Love Note For Your Soul to me:


My Love, stuck in the Doldrums is to be

stuck in Duality;

stop all resistance and be with me

in Reality.

---Angel Express, Vol. 4

In this Love Note, Mary Magdalene (whom I affectionately call, “Maggie”) is saying that in order to manage time and reserve some for you everyday, stop resisting your current situation by simply thanking it for reminding you to drop into your heart and view the world from there.  It is in your heart that your angels often whisper to you and, with practice, you can hear them and contemplate their advice.

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With the help of my guardian angel Mary Magdalene and her spiritual poetry, Love Notes For Your Soul, I help spiritual entrepreneurs implement the actionable steps needed to begin creating lives full of Meaning, Significance, Love, Joy and Success.

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