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Is time passing you by?  Do you feel sad, depressed, apathetic?  Do you want your Life to have more meaning?  More significance?  More joy?  It can!  And this course has simplified the process for you!

I know how you feel.  You feel like you're too busy to follow your bliss because you're always putting others' needs before your own, you feel too stressed out to do anything than care for the needs of others.  You feel out of control with the idea of "time management."  You may not even know what your Dream Life would be.  You have ideas but feel totally lost and confused about how to implement them because of the overload of "experts" telling you what to do.  You find yourself too busy to even dream.  I've been there.  Totally.

In 1990 I suffered a major nervous breakdown and walked away from my livelihood at the time.  Depressed, feeling like a total failure, confused, I spent the next two years just trying to heal.

Over the years I began studying the outlanders---those people who appeared to be extremely successful---and tried to emulate their success.  Nothing worked. This just made me feel even more of a failure, a loser.  I began thinking, "What's wrong with me?"

After a few years of pounding my head against the wall I determined that "success" leaves only ONE clue---listen to your heart.  It is your angels whispering to you.  Then just begin walking your "Road to Rome" (following your bliss) by doing what you can, from where you are, with what you have.  It's as simple as that.  No need to buy into expensive "How to" programs by people professing to be "successful," but really are people you know nothing about except what you're shown in the media. 

What I saw as an epic failure back in 1990 turned out to be a blessing.

Have you felt this way?  At the time of a major upheaval in your Life you felt depressed, unworthy, maybe even suicidal?  Now that time has passed I have been able to connect the dots and see the blessings.

For me, the blessings started when I was encased within a bubble of White Light for one week.  This was followed several years later with a visitation from Mary of Galilee and Mary of Magdalena (my two principle angels), a visitation during which they healed me of my childhood molestations.  A few years later Mary Magdalene awakened me at 2 in the morning and began transmitting her quatrain poetry to me that touches on many aspects of living a successful life. These are known as Love Notes For Your Soul and they form the basis of my personal journey of doing what I can from where I am with what I have.

Over the years I have developed my own simplified philosophy of success.  Your success should not be a complicated endeavor.  Once you learn to listen to your heart and begin taking baby steps in the direction of your dreams you can begin the journey of living a Life of meaning, significance and joy.  Isn't that just what we all want?  

Begin Creating Your Life So It has Meaning and Significance and Is Filled With Joy

My new on-line Course, Simplified: Living A  Purpose-Driven Life Full of Meaning, Significance and Joyeffectively addresses the issues of Life Purpose Confusion, Time Management, Self-Sabotage, Worthiness, Money, Doubt and Fear, and Faith---issues that all people deal with, even the "mega-successful" among us.  Consisting of 7 modules that include 14 videos, several PDFs and Bonus Material, this on-line Course takes you by the hand and shows you the value and power of the advice of the great sages Lao Tsu and Henry David Thoreau: taking baby steps confidently in the direction of your dreams.  This simple but powerful on-line Course shows you step by step how to begin living a Life on Purpose full of meaning, significance and joy by doing what you can from where you are with what you have.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

When you enroll you will receive immediate access to the entire on-line Course, so you may take it at your leisure and review it as much as you like.  In addition, if you have any questions regarding anything within the Course you will have access to Joseph via email, who will personally respond to your Course-related questions at no additional expense.  That's right, this valuable service is provided free of charge as part of your enrollment investment.!

Huge Benefit 1: Videos

Short, to-the-point videos that simplify your journey toward a new Life of meaning, significance and joy.

Huge Benefit 2: Questions Answered

Questions.  We've got you covered! If you have Course-related questions Joseph will personally answer them via email.  

Huge Benefit 3: Mary Magdalene

Each module is accompanied by exclusive Love Notes from Mary Magdalene, Joseph's principle angel.

These are four-stanza poems transcribed by Joseph and address the topics of each module.  These are intimate and exclusive to this Course and will not be published anywhere else.

Huge Benefit 4: Simplification

Simplification.  Joseph holds your hand and shows you how simple success on your terms can be.  You are the Queen/King of your domain.  That domain is your inner sanctuary that includes your heart, through which your angels whisper to you.  You will learn how to "hear" and perhaps even "see" your angels.

Here’s what people are saying about Joseph

Milena Morrow

Author/Activist, Australia

Sipping Champagne Through A Straw-Beyond Good Enough

Fear is really F.E.A.R., an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.

"Fear can often conceal one's vision of their life's purpose...thank you, Joseph and Maggie (Mary Magdalene) for...assist(ing) humanity to connect with its power."

Dean Moorhead

HS Teacher/Seeker, USA

Self-Love is central to being.

"Joseph stresses that Self-Love is central to being.  Since one dreams of doing in life what one loves to, then hold on tight to your dream.  Joesph helps you to learn how to listen to your heart, where you are guided by your angels."

Juliana Fernandes

Model, USA

You deserve to feel loved, worthy and wonderful!

"Joseph makes me feel loved, worthy and wonderful!.  He shows us a new path to discover how wonderful our lives can be."

This simple on-line Course is Powerful

There are 7 Modules to help you begin transforming your Life

 into one that's on Purpose and filled with Meaning, Significance and Joy!

Each module is accompanied by exclusive* Love Notes from Mary Magdalene

 and shared by Joseph on each video as well as downloadable PDFs.  All this for only $7 USD!

*These Love Notes from Mary Magdalene are found only here, transcribed by Joseph for the sole benefit of enrollees of this Course.


Module 1: Simplified: Finding Your Purpose

Purpose often eludes us.  In Module 1 Joseph talks about returning to your childhood to explore your passions.  In Video 1 Joseph uses this common technique in his own unique way to begin the process of opening up your awareness.  In Video 2 Joseph explains how to begin taking baby steps in the direction of your dreams, doing what you can from where you are with what you have.  Joseph calls this "walking your Road to Rome."  By simply beginning your journey will allow you to become more aware of guidance from your angels and allow your Purpose to find you.  Both videos are accompanied with a downloadable pdf, as well the exclusive Love Notes, PURPOSE and BABY STEPS on video read by Joseph and as downloadable PDFs.


Module 2: Simplified: Time Management

Module 2 consists of two videos, the first in which Joseph talks about the fact we all have 24 hours in a day and how to make simple adjustments so you begin trading the precious days of your life with actions that inspire you and facilitate you following your bliss.  Video 1 is accompanied by a downloadable pdf.  In Video 2 Joseph talks about the importance of understanding fear and how to befriend it so it no longer paralyzes you.   This module is accompanied with the exclusive Love Notes, TIME and F.E.A.R. both on video read by Joseph and as downloadable PDFs.


Module 3: Simplified: Choosing Love Over F.E.A.R.

Module 3 consists of two videos.  In Video 1 Joseph speaks of befriending the EGO so it no longer sabotages your good intentions, but instead actually facilitates your journey on creating a purpose-driven Life full of meaning, significance and joy.  In Video 2 Joseph explains how important the EGO is and introduces a simple technique so it becomes easier and easier for you to choose Love over F.E.A.R., an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.  This module is accompanied with the exclusive Love Notes, THE EGO and CHOICE both on video read by Joseph and as downloadable PDFs.


Module 4: Simplified: Witnessing Your Angels

Module 4 consists of two videos.  In Video 1 Joseph introduces you to a simple neurological technique that can expand your awareness of your angels and their guidance.  In Video 2 Joseph talks about whether or not your Path has heart.  He demonstrates how this simple neurological technique he introduced in Video 1 can help you lessen your innate resistance to change and allow your Purpose to more easily find you.  This module is accompanied with the exclusive Love Notes, TAPPING 1 and TAPPING 2 both on video read by Joseph and as downloadable PDFs.


Module 5: Simplified: Worthiness

Module 5 consists of two videos.  In Video 1 Joseph helps you to find your own definition of wealth, as wealth is so intertwined with self-worth.  In Video 2 Joseph speaks about Inner Wealth and how it relates to self-worth.  This module is accompanied with the exclusive Love Notes, WEALTH and WORTHINESS both on video read by Joseph and as downloadable PDFs.


Module 6: Simplified: Finding Meaning, Significance & Joy

Module 6 consists of two videos.  In Video 1 Joseph helps facilitate your ability to "hear" your angels and how to allow them to help you when your doubts and fears arise.  He relates some of his own, personal stories centered around his own doubts and fears.  In Video 2 Joseph discusses Faith and its importance; how to develop it and how to maintain it and allow it to grow.  This module is accompanied with the exclusive Love Notes, DOUBTS & FEARS and FAITH both on video read by Joseph and as downloadable PDFs.


Module 7: Congratulations!

Module 7 consists of two videos.  In Video 1 Joseph shares some success stories to inspire and encourage you.  In Video 2 Joseph inspires you further with affirmations and discusses the "Soul of the World" as it relates to the concepts of the "100th monkey" and critical mass and how everyone on the planet need not become fully aware to transform our planet into a loving, peaceful sphere.  Finally, Joseph touches on money as divine energy, relationships, and your own personal past.  This module is accompanied with the exclusive Love Notes, SUCCESS and FINAL WORDS both on video read by Joseph and as downloadable PDFs.


Surprise! Bonuses Just For YOU!

Joseph has been in your shoes.  He has walked your walk.  He is a survivor of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.  He has survived a nervous breakdown and the loss of his career and livelihood.  He has spent thousands of dollars on self-development courses, seminars and workshops and he's here to tell you that you don't have to spend all that time and money once you know how to simplify "success," stop living a life of "quiet desperation" and begin taking baby steps in the direction of your dreams, doing what you can from where you are with what you have.  Simple, yes, but easy?  Not always.  Change can be difficult, but that's why Joseph is here to hold your hand and help you along your Way.  Almost every morning since December of 2012 Joseph's principle angel Mary Magdalene has come to him to relay her quatrain secular, spiritual poetry (now known as Love Notes For Your Soul) through him that touches on a myriad of life challenges.  

These poems guide him in his lessons and teachings, and they can guide you, too! 

Bonus 1
Free access to exclusive Mary Magdalene poems not available anywhere else but here!

These are in addition to the exclusive Love Notes already in the 7 modules!!!  These will be emailed to you whenever directed by Mary Magdalene to Joseph.

Bonus 2
Discounts on Joesph's selected paperback books personally inscribed by him with a personal, intimate Love Note from Mary Magdalene especially for you!!!

You may order any of the available paperback books at a special discount of 10%!!!

Bonus 3
Free access to Joseph via email regarding any Course-related questions!

That's right!  Joseph has your back!  He wants you to succeed.  Change can be scary and paralyzing.  Joseph is here to help you along your Way.


Joseph Holmes (jmmlove)

In 1956 Joseph was lying in bed in a motel room in Nogales, Arizona when a wave of peace swept through him.  He would later be "told" that it was the Grace of Mary Magdalene.  In 1988 Joseph was encased within a bubble of White Light for one week.  A few years later he was showered with beams of white and gold light by Mary of Galilee, just prior to being taken into Light Regions that made the White Light pale in comparison.  He remained in these Light Regions for 6 months.  A few years later he was healed of his childhood molestations by Mary of Galilee and Mary of Magdalena.    A few years following Mary Magdalene awakened Joseph on an early December morning.  She proceeded to transmit four-stanza poems through him, which he transcribed by hand.  This has continued almost every every morning since that initial awakening.  These poems have come to be known as Love Notes For Your Soul and Love Notes From Maggie ("Maggie" being the name Joseph affectionately calls Mary Magdalene).  

  A more complete history of Joseph's spiritual experiences can be found in some of his books and in his podcast and radio interviews.

  Joseph likes to remind everyone that he is simply a humble messenger.  He may be reached at:

and by DM on Instagram

(The "j" stands for joseph, the "mm" represent Mary and Maggie and "love" is the message that echoes throughout the secular, spiritual poetry of Mary Magdalene: that in Reality, only Love is real.

Here’s what more people are saying about Joseph

Robson Splane

Designer/Inventor/Adventurer, USA

Living in the Now...

"Joseph's personal journey appears to defy the odds of chance...the wisdom shared by Joseph is applicable to all who strive to live in the moment."  

Claudia Orellanos

Education, USA

Mary Magdalene is one of your angels!

"Thank you, Joseph, for introducing me to Mary have opened my eyes..."


Model, Taiwan

Listen to your heart.  It is your angels whispering to you!

"Joseph's words can make peoples' hearts be clean..."

Your Investment Simplified

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Antonetta Fernandes

Academy of Wealth and Achievement, UK

A beautiful soul...

"Joseph is a beautiful soul.".

Keysha Turner

Healer, USA

Life has a way of working out...

" has a way of working out for your highest good, especially when you're seeking


Angela de-Werdt

Psychologist, Holland

I recently realized I come from Source...

"Everything Joseph talked about resonated so beautifully with me that I can't stop crying."

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Knowing what you want is one thing, getting into action is quite another.  We all have fears we face and in spite of what some "gurus" may imply, we all want a hand to hold.  Change is often scary.  Mary Magdalene "told" me that whoever is drawn to her Love Notes can consider her to be one of their angels.  All my work is infused with her teachings, which are secular and spiritual, free of the dogma and doctrine of organized religion.  Just knowing that she is my principle angel has helped me through many tirals and tribulations.